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Welcome to the Institute of Professional Software Engineers, The home of innovation and technologies.
Institute of Professional Software Engineers (popularly known as IPSE) is the leading Technology and Business training institute operating to impart Skills, Skills-upgrading, and Skills-enhancement to freshers as well as working professionals. We prepare our scholars for both personal and corporate engagement. We produce responsible experts who embrace social and corporate etiquette.

Cyber Security School

Our Cyber Studies[Forensics, Intelligence and Network Security etc] are prepared to help our scholars to discover, encounter, and innovate,and become experienced, informed and skilled information technology experts as well as elite cyber security,info-sec, forensics intelligence, administrators and leaders. The Specialized training program emphasizes an all-inclusive understanding of various issues which include ethical hacking; information security; operating system security; information assurance; coding security; vulnerability analysis and control; recovering and securing databases; mobile device forensics; business continuity response; disaster recovery; legal and ethical issues; auditing; evidence;steganography; intrusion detection; including forensic tools and techniques employed to investigate and examine network-related incidentals and preserve digital evidence.
This is an indicator you can get employed or work as:
• Cyber Security Specialist
• Information Security Officer
• Cyber Security Analyst
• Cyber Intelligence Personnel
• Ant-Fraud Investigator
• Security Manager
• Security Administrator
• Computer Forensic Examiner
• Forensic Analyst
• Vulnerability Researcher/ Exploit Developer
• Pen-Tester/Ethical Hacker/Advanced Information System Security Professionals

Software Engineering School

Software Development/Engineering as a specialized course, Certificate, or Diploma program consists of training that is established on scale-able and sustainable agile programming and the development of usable applications through the design and enforcement of diverse software services and products.
Students are required to carry out research, make, test, and assess software and apps including different operating systems through a blend of diverse technologies and management.
The training is created and designed to assist both students and knowledgeable information technology experts in being software developers, managers, and leaders. This training will deepen your technical expertise, and equally prepare you for Software Development along with management so as to better comprehend technical and commercial aspects of software development.
With this training the student is expected to acquire a comprehensive understanding of different concepts which consist of :
• Project Tanagement;
• Apps Development Techniques;
• Client server technologies and applications;
• Software engineering/development/architecture;
• UML (Unified Modeling Language)based software development;
• Intelligent device Development and applications;
• Structured and object oriented programming;
• OSP (Open source programming );
• Coding security;
• OOSA (Object Oriented System Analysis);
• Modeling and Design;
• Human Computer Interaction;
• Software Testing and Maintenance;
• Process Development and Engineering.

The specialization training in Software Development provides the participants with knowledge and expertise that qualifies them for different careers within the IT (Information Technology) realm.

Data School

IPSE Data Management course covers data management, architecture, analysis, structure, policies, security, management, physical components,and operations to guarantee data quality as well as the scrutiny, transformation including modeling of data to unearth patterns of helpful information.
Through this training, your Data Management and analysis along with data technology skills will be improved, enhanced, and grown to prepare you for leadership and governance with a superior understanding of data analysis and management.

Institute of Professional Software Engineers-IPSE Digital Systems Technology is a crucial specialization Diploma and short courses that entail hands-on coursework consisting of intelligent devices, the Internet of things, distributed sensor networks, mesh networking, including embedded systems.
As a learner, you will acquire and discover a panoramic assortment of digital applications as well as develop an advanced level of technical expertise and skills highly needed in all spheres of society. Hence, you are expected to learn, explore, innovate and discover more about analog, semiconductors, and digital electronics, including how it is joined and blended with computer programming languages such as Python,Ruby, C+ ,Java,C along with devices such Arduino plus Raspberry Pi to make smart technology that is remarkably used for intelligent operations in enterprise and manufacture.
The course stresses an all-embracing discernment of issues such as
• operating system design implementation;
• intelligent device applications;
• embedded systems;
• application development methodologies;
• Introduction to data networks and the Internet;
• network administration and operations;
• wireless technologies and applications;
• cloud computing technologies;
• telecommunications technology;
• voice communications over data networks;
• intelligent device projects; rich Internet applications;
• C,Java,C+ ,Python and AI in diverse industries.